Sevilla vs. Real Madrid
You probably already know this, but soccer or as they say “fútbol” is a big deal in Europe, like a really big deal, especially in Spain. Knowing how important soccer is to the locals here in Seville, I just had to go to a game. After donning our Sevillan scarves, we headed out to the [...]


5 Things To Know Before Moving To London
1. Size London is massive. It’s like its own little world here. The city alone has a larger population than the entire state of Rhode Island and the city of Los Angeles combined. That being said, it’s no secret that you will get lost. No matter how long you’ve been here, you’ll still get lost, [...]
That Other 5%
In a way, studying abroad is similar to freshman year of college. My friends and I have talked about this, and we all seem to agree that just like freshman year, a semester abroad is filled with all kinds of opportunities to become more independent, to make new friends, to enjoy new experiences, to get [...]
We Can Work It Out
One of the best things about studying abroad is getting to participate in a variety of cultural immersion activities. Most recently, API gave its Sevilla students a chance to test out their artistic skills by trying their hand at tile working, a traditional art form in the Sevillano neighborhood of Triana. My participation in this [...]