Vlog: Cafes and More in Buenos Aires

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Josh Horner is a student at Colorado State University and an official API Student Blogger. Josh is studying abroad with API in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Finally Here

finally here

Airports have always held a special place in my heart. Nowhere else in the world can you experience the unsettling shakiness and lethal velocities of a roller coaster while seated in the midst of completely vacant, apathetic passengers. It’s all the fun of a theme park except nobody wants to be there. All joking aside, [...]

First Post From Abroad


Hola a todos, I’m currently writing to you guys from Buenos Aires! I’ve been here for about a month now and it is crazy how fast it is already going by. The first week we got here we had plenty to do with API. We had a city tour, visited Recoleta Cemetery, went to a [...]

To Pack Or Not To Pack?


It’s odd to think how I always have the same behaviors before traveling. One of the strangest behaviors for me is consistently becoming nervous and anxious before leaving for a trip. I love traveling and am always excited to see new places. I would think that I would be prepared and more relaxed about traveling [...]

The Waiting Game


It’s almost February, and soon I will be celebrating my twentieth birthday. I have many reasons to be happy. So far, at least, my life has been pleasant, and I really have no reason to complain. Also, I get to spend my birthday at home with my family before I go to Argentina! How cool [...]

API Spring Study Abroad Deadlines Extended – Part 3

API is pleased to extend the application deadlines for several of our spring study abroad programs. The following programs with deadlines of October 15th and October 20th are still open or have extended deadlines: Berlin, Germany – deadline 11/1 (January intersession only) Buenos Aires, Argentina – deadline 11/15 (except UTDT) Budapest, Hungary – extended to [...]

Slipping On Them Roller Skates


Slipping on them roller skatesI find myself start to hesitateHow do you say wristpad in castellano “Una cosa por mi mano?” I start to wobble down the streetAlmost falling as I try to stay on my feet“Como estas?” I stutterAs my heart begins to flutterA whole day just Spanish speaking?My mind right now is totally [...]